Safeseniors is an infotainment magazine. You will find light entertaining topics, product and services reviews. The reviews are very simple and will guide you make more informed decisions. We also bring you a news tracker – to keep you abreast with what’s happening around you , nationally and globally.

The entertainment section is light material that helps you unwind and smile. The articles are contributed by many friends like you, who are above sixty and have a zest for life. We welcome your contributions to the magazine in form of writing. You can share a poem, splash some humor, talk about your hobbies , tell a story, review a book or a movie.. each article is limited to a page or maximum 500 words. We also profile seniors who have a story to tell about themselves or someone they know.

All opinions expressed are of the authors of the articles . The editorial team ensures the content is very general and does not offend people. We welcome your views to help us spread cheer. We look forward to your participation.

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