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ChatGPT A Mentor For Japan’s 89-year-old App Developer

Japanese 89-year-old Tomiji Suzuki started coding in retirement and is now making apps for the fast-growing elderly demographic, using ChatGPT to fine-tune his skills.

China Population Day: Greater Bay Area seeks integrated development of care sector for Hong Kong’s elderly

Today is China’s Population Day, aimed at drawing attention to the country’s population issues. The number of people in China aged 60 and above is expected to exceed 300 million by 2025.

Yes, elder abuse can land you in prison and cost thousands in fines

As the youngest of the baby boomers turn 60 this year, issues affecting the elderly are sure to become more prominent.

Growing older, staying at home

In the next 6 years, almost a quarter of Canadians will be senior citizens. Instead of retirement homes, some are choosing to age in place.

Role reversal: millions of kids care for adults but many are alone

An estimated 5.4 million children under the age of 18 provided care to parents, grandparents or siblings with chronic medical conditions or functional decline in 2019, up from about 1.3 to 1.4 million in 2005, according to reports from the National Alliance for Caregiving and others.

Making healthcare inclusive for all ages 

As the older adult population in the country commends the IRDAI and the government for their progressive initiatives in the healthcare sector.

Questions to ask nursing home staff when touring a facility

There’s no such thing as “too many questions” when touring a nursing home. When it comes to questions to ask a nursing home, here’s what the experts suggest inquiring about.

Care home comparison Lottie site earns £6m investment

Lottie, a residential care and independent living comparison site registered in Brighton, has raised £6 million in its latest funding round

Uber launches service that can help with eldercare

Transportation to medical appointments or medical errands can be arranged by app and paid for with health insurance

How to Care for Yourself as a Caregiver

Forget yoga or weekend escapes. There are more realistic tools to put in place, experts say.

Italian youth population declining as number of elderly grows

These developments among Italy’s young and elderly population are a reflection of the country’s dramatic demographic shift due to falling birthrates, low immigration, and increasing life expectancy.

My business plan for Lord Sugar? Geriatric gyms

Over-55s need a place to train for short jogs to catch the bus, not marathons — we’re closer to osteoporosis than the Olympics

When Families Fight Over a Relative With Dementia, It’s Time to Call in the Mediator

Trained negotiators can help families struggling with vexing elder-care issues.

Japan Nursing Care Insurance Premiums to Rise 3.5 Pct

Tokyo, May 14 (Jiji Press)–Nursing care insurance premiums paid by people aged 65 or over in Japan will be 6,225 yen per month on average from fiscal 2024 to fiscal 2026, the welfare ministry said Tuesday.

Medical bed market to thrive in India, China, and Japan

Manufacturing, elderly care, and private healthcare will drive CAGR in these markets.

Startups bet on affluent Gen X in Korea’s senior living market

Elder-care startups are rushing to build high-end senior homes in South Korea targeting affluent Generation Xers set to retire in five years on expectations of high demand for luxury senior lifestyle in the rapidly aging country with a constrained supply of senior living infrastructure.

3 Nigerian students unveil healthcare startup for elderly

In a bid to ensure elderly and the aged in Nigeria get quality and good Healthcare services, three Nigerian students who are presently doing their Masters program in the United Kingdom have unveiled a startup called Sandfortcare.

Hong Kong study finds volunteer work reduced loneliness in elderly people during coronavirus crisis

Older residents supported by peers had lower levels of depression and anxiety, joint university study finds

Japan’s elderly population living alone to jump 47% by 2050

The number of single-person households is expected to reach 23.3 million in 2050, accounting for 44.3% of total households. That would be higher than 38% in 2020, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research said.’s-elderly-population-living-alone-to-jump-47-by-2050-research

Are nursing homes our only option?’ These centers offer older adults an alternative.

Colorado audit found one PACE provider failed to provide its participants with medically necessary services

Australia: At-home care recipients spend double the time in hospital compared to aged care residents, finds study

New research from the Registry of Senior Australians (ROSA) at SAHMRI, has revealed senior people receiving home care packages spend more than twice the amount of days in hospital, compared to those living in residential aged care.

Biden’s plan to spend $775 billion on childcare and eldercare could create millions of jobs, study says

Across 18 states, it could result in 5.3 million new jobs, the study by Lenore Palladino found. Biden is proposing $400 billion for home and community care and $25 billion for upgrading childcare.

Home healthcare for elderly sees largest price increase ever

USA: In-home health costs rose by 14.2 percent from March of 2023.

Retirement and loneliness: 3 tips for seniors to combat sadness during their golden years

As elder care experts warn of dangers of ‘serious health epidemic,’ here are ways to beat the blues

Only child? Four ways to prepare as a caregiver for aging parents

It is hard enough to be a caregiver for elderly parents when there are multiple siblings to help. Sometimes, there is only you.

A 111-year-old is now the world’s oldest living man. Here are his 3 tips for living a long, happy life

It includes having a broad outlook, doing everything in moderation, and always trying your best

Children are not a retirement plan

Parents go out of their way to spend money on their children hoping that the children will take care of them when they grow old.

As More People Retire In Debt, Here’s How To Reverse The Trend

By the time most Americans enter retirement age, they want to be free from many financial burdens. But for a growing number of older adults, debt has become an unwelcome traveling companion.

World Health Day targets global care inequalities

Treatment for the elderly and mandatory health insurance will help UAE close the gaps, expert says

What they don’t tell you when becoming an aged care nurse

While typical roles of a nurse include administering medication and wound management, nurses working in aged care may find themselves helping with some other tasks

The ‘sandwich generation’ faces pressure as the world ages — here are 3 tips to prevent burnout

While this is a major success for humanity, signaling that our work to improve the quality of life has paid off in creating greater longevity, it leads to another problem: caregiver burnout.

Study reveals that only 2 in 5 have spoken to elderly relatives about care

A new survey, commissioned by Taking Care Personal Alarms, has uncovered that just two in five people have had the conversation with elderly parents or relatives about how eldercare and they will be cared for when they get older and more frail.

This European Country Gives Retirees Discounted Vacations

Spain is the first country in the EU to offer subsidized trips to retirees through a program that promotes “active aging.”

Senior Housing Rebounds as Boomers Move In

Occupancy rates at many senior communities, which fell during Covid-19 era, are rising

After pandemic-era lull, senior housing sector appears poised for a rebound

COVID-19 challenges in congregate care settings may be subsiding and could provide an alternative to aging-in-place preferences, according to The Wall Street Journal

Algorithms guide senior home staffing. Managers say care is suffering

The nation’s largest assisted-living chain uses a staffing algorithm; some managers say they quit or were fired after they complained it left facilities dangerously short-handed

A new start after 60: I had to make my life count before it was too late – so I rowed across the Atlantic

When Sian Davies was waiting for spinal surgery, she stayed sane by planning things to look forward to. Most notably, an extraordinary feat of endurance

Empowering Minds: Conference Aims to Improve Quality of Life

MORRIS COUNTY — In a world where the prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise, education, and awareness play pivotal roles in fostering understanding and support

Seniors will surpass the number of children in 10 years. Are you ready to be an older adult?

In a decade, the landscape of the United States will undergo a historic transformation: For the first time, the number of older adults will surpass the number of children.

What is independent senior living? Experts break down pros and cons

In many cases, independent living communities allow seniors to live on their own without the burden of cooking, housekeeping or home repairs.

Expert lists five things you should be doing now to reduce risk of getting dementia

While discussing the multifaceted world of dementia, Prof Steves delved into the significance of dental health, genetics, impact of diet and physical activity. She also explained how early you should start taking dementia seriously and how to recognise the early signs of dementia.

The new magic number for retirement is $1.46 million. Here is what it tells us


Elderly poverty in Kenya has been a longstanding issue, with many seniors facing financial insecurities due to a lack of adequate savings and limited access to health care. Subsequently, the “Inua Jamii” program, also known as the Older Persons Cash Transfer Program (OPCT) initiated in 2018, marks a significant effort by the government to improve the lives of Kenya’s seniors, directly addressing the issue of poverty among the elderly.

Whatever Happened to All Those Care Robots?

So far, companion robots haven’t lived up to the hype—and might even exacerbate the problems they’re meant to solve.

Being single can make you age faster, die early: Study

Researchers from Rochester in Minnesota, US, discovered a link between biological ageing and social isolation, and how old the cells are as opposed to the actual age.

Opinion: Elder care workers will always be essential. Will they always be underpaid?

Working in homes or institutions, CARE workers help them eat, dress and bathe. The job is physically strenuous, emotionally demanding and essential to an aging population. But the pay is low — a median hourly $17.19 for nursing assistants.

Hong Kong care home uses cafe role-play to reignite memories for elderly residents suffering from dementia

Occupational therapist behind the cognitive training project was inspired by Japanese memory cafes

Half of Australians in aged care have depression. Psychological therapy could help

While many people maintain positive emotional wellbeing as they age, around half of older Australians living in residential aged care have significant levels of depression.

Elderly suicides on the rise

Suicide figures involving elderly people have climbed, prompted by anxiety and loneliness during the pandemic and the migration wave.

Finding a doctor who specializes in senior care is hard. Here’s why.

Research suggests geriatricians more effectively manage older patients’ care, but several factors dampen interest in the field

Aged care workers wage increase as sector looks ahead

Aged care workers are set to welcome a larger pay cheque this month, after the Fair Work Commission agreed to increase the sector’s award wage.

Cuba’s private sector provides elderly care – for those who can afford it

Cuban Clotilde Ravelo is inching up on 90 years old, just fractured her hip and, to make matters worse, most of her family have migrated off the island, leaving behind a pressing issue: Who will care for her?

Elderly women feel invisible in society. This performance allows them to be seen

Silver Boom focuses on how elderly women move and feel in public spaces.

Japan’s looming problem of ‘double care’

Many working-age Japanese will have to juggle their careers with care-giving responsibilities for their children, parents

China: The Old Age Home of The World

Declining birth rates, a contracting workforce, unwillingness to marry and a skewed gender profile are only the start points of China’s demographic decline.

Aviva Senior Living honors eight over 80

To celebrate the community and those who have made it a better place to live, Aviva Senior Living held its annual 8 over 80 brunch March 10 at Michael’s On East.

Wealthy older Australians should pay more for aged care services, expert panel recommends

‘Strong case’ to increase co-contributions for people with means, as there will always be some who need more government support, report says

‘Deeply entrenched’ ageism limits mental health care for elderly, report says

The study points to a “pervasive sense of pessimism and inevitability that normalises poor mental health” among older people and identifies a “pressing need to tackle ageist assumptions and expectations about mental health in later life”.

How Senior Care Communities Are Using Intergenerational Programming to Build Connections

When Oak Trace Senior Living hosted its second annual Lego celebration, residents, their friends and families, and staff all came together to build Lego structures. They also built bonds – important bonds that spanned multiple generations.

Childcare leave mandated, but not ‘eldercare’ leave? S’pore govt says 85% of caregivers prefer working from home

The survey by NTUC said 64 per cent favoured paid leave.

Senior citizens turn to virtual reality for recreation

A new study shows that senior citizens enjoy virtual experiences such as parachuting, playing with puppies and kittens or visiting places

Caring raises $30 million in Series B funding

Caring Co., a South Korean startup offering senior care services, succeeded in raising 40 billion won ($30 million) in a series B funding round, elevating its total funding to hit the largest among local senior care service startups, it announced on Monday.

Older adults receiving home care are missing out on palliative care: study

Older adults who receive care at home tend not to get palliative care before they die, according to a new report published today in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Care home recreates Thorntons chocolate shop to make Doreen’s wish come true

‘Sweetest moment’ for resident at Magdalen Park Care Home in Hedon

Japan had the fewest babies it has ever recorded last year. Marriages dropped steeply, too

The number of babies born in Japan last year fell for an eighth straight year to a new low

United States

How the New Independent Contractor Rule Could Impact the Senior Care Gig Economy

Given that the rule changes the factors used to classify workers as employees or independent contractors, it has the potential to affect senior care communities that have relationships with independent contractors.

Retire Here To Save Money — Top 10 Cheapest States for Assisted Living in 2024

People often look for states with lower taxes and less expensive real estate, while salaries may not matter as much if your income is derived from investments and Social Security. But have you considered the cost of assisted living?

Self-monitoring enhances physical activity of elderly who require care: Study

The Kobe University study is the first to demonstrate that this demographic’s physical activity may be enhanced using simple and safe methods, which is likely to help avoid serious sickness and cut long-term care expenses.

6 Seemingly ‘Harmless’ Habits That Are Prematurely Aging Your Brain

These behaviors might not appear a big deal, but they could hurt your brain health in the long run.


2 new bills want to change ‘no lift’ policies for residents who fall at elderly care facilities

Nearly 17,000 falls were inside nursing homes in 2022, the report shows. The number of residents who fell in nursing homes rose on average 8.6% each year since 2019.

2024 Seniors Housing & Care Investor Survey and Trends

Interest in seniors housing investments remains strong as investors seek higher yields from alternative asset classes

(Report attached)


Telehealth training coming to aged care

A partnership of primary health networks around the country is developing a telehealth training program for residential aged care that will be rolled out to homes in the first half of this year.

Japan Elderly Care Services Drawing Interest from Thailand, Other Asian Nations

Other parts of Asia are projected to have aging populations at a faster pace compared to Japan, requiring them to develop schemes to meet the growing need for nursing care.

Japan bets on tech, immigration as labor crisis worsens

Battling a falling birth rate and aging population, Japan hopes a combination of technology and immigration may go some way toward easing a critical shortage of workers.

Elderly Australians Battle Loneliness, Social Isolation

Older Australians will help Monash University-led research to assess and address social isolation and loneliness among their peers.

The Best Things To Do In Egypt For Elderly Travellers

With its timeless wonders and diverse landscapes, Egypt beckons elderly travellers to embark on a journey filled with cultural richness and historical marvels

China Focuses on Developing Silver Economy, Multiple Companies Already Strategizing

China is expected to transition rapidly from an ‘aging’ to an ‘aged’ society by 2027, a shift that will take just 25 years.

China’s retirees embrace ‘migratory bird’ lifestyle for health and comfort

This practice, where seniors travel south for the winter and return north in the spring, similar to migratory birds, has become popular among retired Chinese seniors and is known as “migratory bird-style” elderly care.


A new tax credit for those who care for a sick or elderly loved one, will be available for the 2024 tax year.

Aging with dignity? We don’t do that here

When revenue gets lean, state and federal lawmakers have long looked at budgetary line-items that specifically benefit senior citizens as places to trim the fat.

Senior living trends: A Baby Boomer revolution

the sheer size of this generation is driving an unprecedented need for senior living options. Every day, about 10,000 Americans turn 65. By 2031, all Baby Boomers will have reached this milestone.

Fitness-focused seniors driving wearable tech industry, new reports show

The wearable fitness industry has been booming, and it may largely be thanks to baby boomers, a new report indicates.

Solving the Caregiving Crisis is a Collective Endeavor

More than 1 in 5 Americans are family caregivers. Yet the U.S. faces a caregiving crisis of immense proportion.

Do the Elderly Have Anything to Offer? Creating a More Compassionate and Inclusive Society

In societies where the elderly are revered (notably Africa and Asia), young people enjoy absorbing all they can from old people. They are respectful and attentive.

Overseas staff ‘exploited and trapped’ at UK care home

Care home staff have told the BBC they feel exploited and trapped by the firm that brought them to the UK to work.

Getting Old, Explained

Thirteen answers to burning questions about how to emotionally and financially prepare for the golden years.

Senior homes left dangerously understaffed amid assisted-living boom

Surveillance video captured a 97-year-old woman’s death outside the locked doors of a high-end Colorado home, a symptom of deeper problems in the $34 billion industry

How your state regulates assisted-living facilities

With no federal oversight, the industry is governed by a patchwork of state laws, few of which meet expert recommendations

Japan to Raise Elderly Care Fees by 1.59 Pct in FY 2024

The government is expected to raise the elderly care service fees paid to service providers under public insurance by 1.59% in the fiscal 2024 price revision, sources said Saturday.

Poor Asian countries face an ageing crisis

In “Ragnarok Online” gamers use characters from Norse mythology to wreak havoc. Septuagenarians are not its target audience, but that does not deter Sunanta Phongcharoen. The 72-year-old Thai woman has reached the game’s highest level.

In Shanghai, a Splash of Comfort in Elderly Care: Home Bathing Services

For seniors, maintaining personal hygiene can be a problem. Professional bathing services now send carers into homes to give seniors the luxury of a warm soak.

Caring For The Elderly: A Look At The Landscape And Business Opportunities

The Impact Of The Aging Boomer Generation

Aging America faces a senior care crisis

Share of adults ages 75+ who can’t afford daily in-home care, by metro area

‘I fret about the years that lie ahead’: the unique caring burden of single childless daughters

A ‘highly naturalised’ assumption within many families about who will care for ageing parents can be a vexed issue for the daughters left carrying the load

Millennial parents are trying to figure out how to have boomer grandparents look after their kids without passing on the anxieties they grew up with

Medicare Advantage increasingly popular with seniors—but not hospitals and doctors

As enrollment soars, so too has friction between insurers and the doctors and hospitals they pay to care for beneficiaries.

Leeds launches innovative remote monitoring trial for elderly care

A remote monitoring trial in Leeds will help gain insights on how best to support older people living at home with long-term conditions

Explore time bank volunteerism scheme to care for the elderly

With a growing preference for independent living among the elderly, there arises a crucial need for formal and informal support systems.

Tochtech Technologies and Mediva Launch Groundbreaking Project to Enhance Seniors’ Health and Safety in Japan

California raises minimum wage for health care workers in 2024

With the goal of creating a more “stable workforce” and addressing the “shortage of health care workers” in California, Gov.

A Long-Term Solution To America’s Long-Term Care Crisis

That’s the name demographers have given to the millions of Americans caring for both young children and aging parents.


Old age isn’t what is used to be: a versatile solution for a more independent breed of seniors

The expression “you’re only as old as you feel” was never truer than it is today. But age isn’t just a state of mind or a question of attitude – time takes its toll on even the wildest and most free spirited among us.

When the Neighbors Are All Older, Too

Some seniors prefer age-restricted communities, while others want intergenerational living. There is little research to show which option is healthier.

Srilanka: Loneliness of the Senior Citizen

Loneliness could be even considered a hallmark of ageing – if we let it grab us.

Seniors with dementia are treated to ‘baby shower’ with dolls to help relieve stress: ‘Sense of purpose’

Letter: Retailers miss a sales trick if they ignore the elderly

What is surprising is retailers are failing to grasp the opportunities presented by our changing demographics.

Older households have significant assets and spending power, but shops often fail to adapt to their needs.

Age old question of duty and care for elders

AS we delve into the discussion of elderly care, the question becomes evident whether the government, individuals, families or NGOs should take on the primary role.

Number of elderly waiting for pension grows

Phillipines: Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has raised concern over the implementation of a law that doubled the monthly pension of indigent senior citizens from P500 to P1,000.

Congrats, Your House Made You Rich. Now Sell It.

Lots of baby boomers are going to sell their homes in the years ahead. The trick is to beat the crowd.

What to Know About Assisted Living

The facilities can look like luxury apartments or modest group homes, and can vary in pricing structures. Here’s a guide.


The First International Forum on Implementing Care for Healthy Ageing

20 – 22 November 2023

Private care for the elderly on the rise in Switzerland

The trend towards privatisation in the elderly care sector is continuing in Switzerland.

The sandwich generation: How to prepare to take care of kids and parents

As Gen Zers and millennials move through life, all will have to learn to manage their individual finances. But some will bear responsibility for others as well.

Half of savers fail to factor inflation into retirement planning

The survey, which gathered responses from 4,750 UK savers aged 40 and over, revealed that almost half (45 per cent) have not calculated their expected retirement costs, risking a financial shortfall.

The Old Pension Scheme wildfire must be stopped before it’s too late

India’s ageing will be rapid and we need a fully-funded pension system with wide coverage that ensures social security for all the elderly. For that, the OPS ghost must be banished.

Contributory pension scheme: Kerala govt to benefit only from 2040

The contributory pension review committee has recommended that the state government increase its share in the pension scheme from the existing 10% to 14%.


How to know when it’s time to retire

Ask yourself the right questions to tell whether you’re ready to close the chapter on your career.

Half of savers fail to factor inflation into retirement planning

Almost half (41 per cent) of individuals admit they will not be able to fund a comfortable retirement, according to research from wealth manager Netwealth.

Seeking a Home for His Parents, a Son Built a Community

Priya Living, a senior living company that is steeped in Indian culture, began with a small footprint in California and now has expansion plans in the U.S. and India.

One of the Touchiest Housing Decisions: Do We Stay or Do We Go?

Often, one half of a senior couple wants to remain in the house they long loved, while the other half sees their future unfolding in a continuing care community.

One of the Touchiest Housing Decisions: Do We Stay or Do We Go?

The Youngest Senior

Moving to Florida for early retirement, a native New Jerseyan in her 50s is finding her third act to be the most fun in a community where the average age is 79.

Forget Retirement. Become a Social-Media Star Instead

‘Granfluencers’ are gaining celebrity on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube—and making big money doing so

Aging Across Borders: How We Age Around the World

How society shapes our golden years

Shanghai: ‘Elderly care time bank’ scheme to be promoted citywide

Shanghai’s civil affairs authorities said on Monday that they will promote its “elderly care time bank” system citywide after a successful trial in eight districts.

Singapore: As Singapore’s aging population grows, businesses are courting older consumers

Citizens aged 65 and above make up almost one-fifth of Singapore’s population, up 11.7% from a decade ago, according to the Singapore government’s 2023 population report.

Croatian perspective vs European norms for elderly care

The majority of Croatians believe that it is a child’s duty to take care of an ill or elderly parent, whereas that is not the case in other European countries.

‘I feel like I’m letting him down’: Montana lacks caregiver resources; adult daycare could help

An Ounce of Prevention, a Lifetime of Wisdom

Mid-life workers want menopause support, eldercare assistance, health screenings and more.

Increasingly, they’re getting it – and their employers are benefitting, too.

UK’s new visa rules could ban care workers from bringing dependents

The ability for care worker visa holders from India to bring their families with them is one of the selling points of the visa routes.

Defined Contribution pensions: the lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock

UK pension reforms in 2014 gave retirees greater flexibility

Opinion: Compared to its peers, Canada falls short on seniors’ care

Across a range of indicators, but especially on timeliness, Canada ranks behind other rich countries

India’s retirement system improved to some extent from last year: MCGPI

The Netherlands had the highest overall index value (85.0), closely followed by Iceland (83.5) and Denmark (81.3). Argentina had the lowest index value (42.3), it added

Old and poor: Thailand sleepwalking toward an aging crisis

Thailand is one of the world’s fastest aging societies, according to the World Health Organization — but its economy is ill-prepared.

Younger savers have had enough of their pension providers

Think of retirement and what kind of images come into your mind? The younger you are, the less rosy they’re likely to be.

Poor Asian countries face an ageing crisis

Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and others are getting old before they get rich

China ageing fast: Births fall by 10% to an all-time low, raising economic concerns

China witnessed a significant decline in the number of births last year. Despite extensive government initiatives to support parenthood, the nation’s births plunged by 10 per cent, hitting it’s the lowest level on record.

Japanese nursing home hires toddlers to spend time with elderly

A nursing home in Japan has hired a special team of employees: a group of cute “baby workers” who brighten the residents’ days by helping them get in touch with their inner child.

Walks, tech and protein: how to parent your own parents

As the older generation live longer, many of us will reverse roles with our parents. Here are the best ways to help a long life be a good life

Assisted living is here to stay in ageing Kerala

The deliberation assumes greater importance considering that Kerala is ageing faster than the rest of India. As per 2021 figures, 16.50% of the population is above 60 years of age.

NPS For NRIs: Investing In India’s National Pension Scheme – Key Details, Benefits & Guide

NRIs between the ages of 18 and 60 can invest in India’s National Pension Scheme (NPS) by adhering to the KYC norms

More deaths among elderly resulting from a fall: CBS

In 2022, 6,200 people died within 30 days of a fall, a rise of 15% compared to the year before.

The increase was most marked among people over 90 and dementia sufferers, the CBS said.

Taking care of Nepal’s elderly

Despite improving financial well-being, health complexities among the elderly remain.

UK: Public input needed over elderly care models, health minister says

Revisions to how people access and pay for residential, nursing and home care have been proposed

How To Mitigate The Looming Senior Care Crisis

(Opinion piece)

Nearly 20% of seniors on Medicare are ‘underinsured’ — and Medicare Advantage is no better

A stunning number of seniors are going without the medical care they need Medicare may be the closest America gets to “socialized medicine,” but a new survey reveals just how far it falls short of comprehensive, universal coverage.

Dementia is now ‘public health priority’ in Karnataka

On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day 2023 on Thursday, Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao announced dementia as a public health priority for Karnataka.

Can Your Retirement Paychecks Last For A Long Retirement?

6 Ways the Future of Retirement Looks Different for Millennials Than Boomers

Unlike baby boomers, who came of age in a more economically favorable era, millennials are navigating a complex financial terrain marked by soaring student loan debt, exorbitant housing costs and the scarcity of jobs offering traditional pension benefits.

Expedition A1 is a robot that can cook, do laundry, and take care of the elderly

The humanoid robot is under development by Agibot, a company founded by a young entrepreneur who gave up his million-yuan salary at Huawei.

Providing better culture in elderly care 

THIS letter is written in light of the recent distressing increase in the number of elderly individuals being discovered deceased at their homes alone.

Israeli tech firm partner to improve elderly healthcare in Japan

TytoCare, an Israeli company specializing in remote medical diagnosis and examination solutions, has inked a commercial collaboration agreement with the digital activities arm of Japanese insurance giant Sompo.

Better career path for Hong Kong carers of elderly will make job more attractive and boost quality of service, experts say

Head of Elderly Commission of Hong Kong says career ladder and promotion prospects vital to ensure sufficient number of carers and boost quality of service

Mindfulness-based elder care programs improve mental and spiritual health in residents of long-term care facilities

Man who cuts lawns for the elderly and disabled honored for community service work

Jarvis Drake, who relocated to Buckhead after growing up on the south side of Atlanta, has a deep affection for the area.

Ormathoni’ to make Kerala dementia-friendly

A slew of measures, including setting up centres for elderly care and providing proper training for caregivers, will be unveiled soon as part of the proposal to make Kerala a dementia-friendly state.

Retirement Savings: 6 Investing Strategies for Retirees

After you retire, there are usually a number of reasons why you might want to change up your investment strategy.

Seniors say these are the top barriers to healthcare: Alignment survey


In terms of not being able to afford healthcare, 1 in 5 seniors said they skip getting adequate medical care when they need it, with 28.9% of those saying that they skip needed care

Retired but want to work? Try these 10 low-stress jobs for seniors

there are numerous options for seniors looking to re-enter the workforce but not re-enter a high-stress lifestyle.

What Is Considered Low Income for Senior Citizen

Britain facing biggest jump in old age care costs in Europe

UK’s ballooning public spending bill deemed ‘unsustainable’

China Raises Tax Breaks on Child Care to Boost Consumption 

China raises value of deductions in infant and elderly care, and in children’s education spending in its personal income tax collection, effective from January 1st 2023, State Council says in a statement.

Negative thoughts about aging can be harmful. Here’s how to reduce them. 

Age bias doesn’t show up only as discrimination or snarky birthday cards. One potent source of ageism comes from older people themselves.

Why Focusing On Senior Living Could Help Grow Your Business—And How To Get Started

Aug 17, 2023

Founder and CEO of ERG Enterprises. Nationally recognized thought leader on entrepreneurship, investing and leadership.

China’s demographic crisis reaches ‘critical junction’, likely to worsen in next decade

Aug 17, 2023

China’s ageing crisis is at a “critical juncture” as experts believe that the situation in the country will get worse in the next decade.

When Do You Become a Senior Citizen?

There is no defined age when you become a senior citizen.

Opinion | Japan can teach the world a better way to age

USA: Price of elder care soars as demand increases, baby boomers ageMany Aug 15, 2023

Americans who serve as caregivers are consumed by the immense cost of tending to ailing or aging family members. And as the baby boomer generation ages, more Americans are in for a rude awakening as to just how expensive caring for older adults has become.

Sharjah Ruler: Free integrated treatment services for elderly

The free service will include transport to and from the hospital

His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, confirmed that the elderly enjoy free integrated treatment services at the University Hospital, starting with the delivery service from home to the hospital and vice versa, directly personally ordering that the elderly have special treatment in the hospital, from their arrival until their discharge.

TCS Launches Seniors Lab, an Innovative Care Delivery Programme to Empower Singapore’s Silver Generation

Tata Consultancy Services’ Pilot Programme

Seniors Lab seeks to enhance the well-being and inclusivity of Singapore’s ageing population by innovating care delivery systems. Designed to address challenges in rising healthcare costs, the programme leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create an integrated care delivery system that will lower the cost of care delivery, while helping seniors of SNM lead safer, more comfortable, and independent lives.

Senior citizens graduate from UTSA courses closing technology and nutrition gaps

Dubai Sports Council, Dubai World Trade Centre organise sports events for elderly

‘We have had to sell her house’: Inside England’s care home funding crisis

There’s a crisis of funding in England’s elderly care homes

Cost of living increases risk of elder abuse: advocate

Baby boomers will increasingly be at risk of elder abuse, as cost of living pressures bite and $3.5 trillion in assets is passed on to younger generations in the next three decades.

China’s Pensions System Is Buckling Under an Aging Population

Beijing has hard choices ahead as labor advantages slip away.

Aging populations are creating major opportunities, fund manager says. Here’s where he’s investing

Elder cottages’ offer housing alternative for older adults

HEALTH: Sanctuary for independent living and active ageing

UK: One in seven aged 65 and over turning to loans and credit cards, survey finds

The Independent Age charity said its research suggests many older people are struggling alone and racking up debt as costs escalate.

A More Humane Model for Eldercare in the U.S.

Harvard review

Never seen a resume that full’: Kalamazoo Rotary honors man, 83, for volunteerism

6,000 Purple Flags On Display As Grim Tally Of Elder Abuse Reports

China Population Day: Can ageing boost economic growth amid challenges?–1ky2JL6A2CA/index.html

BlackRock’s Warning: Aging Population Threatens Global Economy

Executives at the world’s largest asset manager are worried about rising long-term inflation, and the willingness of the Federal Reserve to save stock investors.

A career in senior care industry may be just what young job-seekers need

Senior care has become an industry that youth should consider as it has the potential to be a fulfilling, exciting and rewarding career path for them to pursue moving forward.

Canadians are working past retirement, but not because they want to

More than half of Canadians over 60 in the workforce are there because of financial necessity, according to Statistics Canada, including the cost of essential expenses without support from a pension plan.

Japan making efforts to bridge digital divide between young, elderly

efforts to narrow the digital divide between the young and elderly, as the rapid digitalization of society continues to highlight the urgent need to address intergenerational gaps

Elder Abuse Awareness

June 8, 2023

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15, 2023. According to the U.S. Administration for Community Living, elder abuse refers to any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.

7 ways to care for elderly parents who live far away

June 4, 2023

Having people who are your eyes and ears on the ground, who can call you if they notice something amiss, is crucial.

Aging in Puerto Rico is a struggle for families fragmented by migration

June 3, 2023

The island is aging faster than most places, a pattern made worse by the exodus of hundreds of thousands of young people, while it grapples with a shortage of caregivers.

How to Negotiate With Resistant Aging Parents? Borrow These Tips From the Business World

June 4, 2023

How Entrepreneurs Can Create Workplace Flexibility To Accommodate Caregiving Responsibilities

May 28, 2023

Increasingly, middle-aged adults are simultaneously caring for their children and aging parents, both financially and emotionally.

Elder Care Attorney: All You Need to Know

May 26, 2023

Elders are often subjected to mistreatment in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. You need to know your rights regarding elder care so you can avoid such mistreatment.

It Takes a Village for Elder Care, Too

May 26, 2023

The toll that caring for aging parents takes on their children can be allayed only by expanding our caring networks.

‘Disruptive’ mentoring platform helps retired and returning workers retain zest for life

May 25. 2023

Retired and older workers can boost their income by sharing their expertise with the next generation – keeping active through a new career mentoring platform.

5 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Life After Retirement

May 26, 2023

For some people, retirement can feel a bit like the dog that caught the car. You’ve prepared for this moment your entire adult life, and you’re certainly very happy to have gotten here but … well, now what?

China: Woman quits her job to become a full time daughter

Six Key Housing Factors to Consider as You Age

May 25, 2023

Global Disabled and Elderly Assistive Technology Market to Reach $82 Billion by 2030

May 25, 2023

Disruptive’ mentoring platform helps retired and returning workers retain zest for life

May 25, 2023

Retired and older workers can boost their income by sharing their expertise with the next generation – keeping active through a new career mentoring platform.


UK Company Empowers the Elderly and Disabled with Affordable Mobility Aids

May 25, 2023

Mobility Smart, a provider of mobility scooters and equipment, is working on new and innovative ways to bring affordable mobility aids to those who need them

Australia: Penelope Marshall becomes first aged care representative on Australia’s Nursing and Midwifery Board

May 18, 2023

Ms Marshall’s appointment is a significant step forward in ensuring that the aged care sector is represented in the governing body of the nursing and midwifery profession

Avoiding loneliness is a challenge for some older adults living on their own

May 17, 2023

Half of American women uncertain about secure retirement: surveys

May 17, 2023

According to the What Women Want surveys, almost half of American women aged 25 or more years lack an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Many said that they are living paycheck to paycheck without any meaningful savings

Remote work: An underestimated benefit for family caregivers

May 17, 2023

The debate about whether employees should be required to return to the workplace has generally focused on commuting, convenience and child care.

Australia – radio- Push to bring more aged care workers from overseas

May 16, 2023

The government is now moving to increase the number of aged care workers from overseas and expedite their visa applications to deal with the shortages

USA – New app aims to increase affordable elder care in the Lowcountry – May 15, 2023

The need for caregivers is growing across South Carolina and here in the Lowcountry.

By 2030, South Carolina will need 41,850 caregivers to support the population according to The Alzheimer’s Association. That’s a 31% increase from 2020.

The Irish Times view on the Fair Deal nursing home scheme: time for a proper review – May 16, 2023

More than 20 private or voluntary nursing homes have closed in the past 18 months, in many cases due to financial pressures.

Many older women in Japan stuck in low-paying jobs

May 11, 2023

Many older single women in Japan are struggling to make ends meet in their low-paid, nonregular jobs and are trapped in casual employment in a country with a persistently wide gender gap.

Housing crisis: Over 40% of elderly renters in Ireland to rent for life

May 11, 2023

Threshold and Alone Report Reveals 42% of Respondents experiencing high stress due to accommodation insecurity

Woman celebrates 102nd birthday at senior living facility in Austin

May 10, 2023

London: Robots and AI in homes for the elderly could ease social care crisis, says health secretary

USA: Budget both gives and takes from aged care sector

May 10, 2023

Time to have ‘the talk’: How seniors can avoid financial ruin by planning long-term health care now

May 8, 2023

In a decade, the number of older adults will outnumber kids for the first time in U.S. history.With that, we’ll see a surge in long-term healthcare needs, but costs will overwhelm most people..

Seattle senior living community aims to be world’s first to achieve Living Building Challenge designation – May 8, 2023

Amenities at the Aegis Living Lake Union development include a spa/wellness center with a salon, massage suite, and a fitness center.

It’s never too late to prioritise your health say experts – 7 May 2023

Why China got population control wrong; India got it right

Mat 4, 2023

Half a century ago, India and China stood at a similar point. Their fertility rates – at 5.6 and 5.5 children per woman – were neck and neck and way more than what is regarded as replacement level fertility of 2.1, at which the population stabilises. They also faced similar social and developmental challenges as they sought to build their nations after suffering the devastation of long colonial and imperial humiliations and war.

China’s elders savour twilight years as the young toil

May 4, 2023

AFP found a community grappling with the reality of a shrinking population, offering a stark glimpse of the demographic pressures facing the country as a whole.

The problem is especially pronounced in places such as Rudong, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Shanghai, where a surge in the elderly population is coinciding with an exodus of younger people.

Australia pledges $7.5 billion to fund 15% pay rise for aged care workers

May 4. 2023

Australia’s Labor government on Thursday said it would set aside A$11.3 billion ($7.5 billion) in next week’s federal budget to fund a 15% pay rise for retirement home staff as the sector grapples with a shortage of skilled workers.

Australia: Migrants to fill aged-care jobs via New Aged Care Industry Labour Agreements launched by Immigration Minister Andrew Giles

May 4, 2023

Aged care workers’ ‘historic’ wage boost to cost $11.3 billion

May 3, 2023

A long-awaited pay rise for aged care workers will cost the federal budget more than $11 billion as Labor hopes to entice more registered nurses to the hemorrhaging sector with $10,000 pay boosts.

Thailand: Gearing up for the grey: How an aging population is creating new business opportunities – May 2, 2023

The world’s population is getting older. And Thailand is among the fastest-aging societies in the world. Of its 67 million population, more than 12 million Thais are elderly, according to the Department of Older Persons, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, with the majority of them in the 60-69 group.

Malaysia: Why these youngsters are making senior care their business – May 2, 2023

The old cannot take care of the old. The young need to do it, says Ang who co-founded Masoc Care after seeing how ill-equipped Malaysia is to face its rapidly ageing population.

How to maintain your social life as you age

For some senior citizens, their isolation was the result of losing a loved one. Cadillac resident Dale Sundstrom said he lost his wife over eight years ago. While he has adjusted to his new life, Sundstrom said it wasn’t easy.

How senior living is evolving for ageing populations – May 1, 2023

Senior living concepts long fell into two categories: homes that gave residents a high level of independence, and others that provided a greater level of support.

Most seniors in America can’t afford nursing homes or assisted living, study finds – 27 April 2023

As many as 80% of aging adults in America lack the financial resources to pay for two years of nursing home care or four years of an assisted living community.

‘Silver tsunami’ requires aging expertise – April 27, 2023

Carolina researchers address complexities of an older population, including health care, labor dynamics and assisted living.

These are the best—and worst—U.S. states for retirees based on health care, wellness, safety and more – April 26, 2023

There is plenty of guidance out there about the best places in the United States—and even around the world—for retirees to spend their golden years.

3 ways to rethink old age and retirement, MIT expert says – April 26, 2023

The classic retirement framework aims for seniors to have enough money to fund their lifestyle in old age. While not incorrect, the framework is “incomplete,”

What Is the Care Economy?

April 26, 2023

New York State has the fourth-largest population of older adults in the entire country—16 percent of New Yorkers are over age 65. The older adult population is growing faster than any other segment in our state, and it’s expected to grow to 5.3 million people by 2030

UK: MP launches new Bill bid so carers are paid minimum wage for travelling time

April 23, 2023

Global Long-Term Care Software Market is expected to witness a healthy CAGR of 11-13% in the next 5 years (2022-2027)

April 21, 2023

Medi-Tech Insights: Growing geriatric population, staffing churn in geriatric care, technological advancements in wearables, and government initiatives in the area are some of the key factors driving the growth of long-term care software market.

India’s population to surpass China this week: UN

25 April 2023

India will overtake China as the world’s most populous country in the coming week, hitting almost 1.43 billion people, the United Nations said Monday. “By the end of this month, India’s population is expected to reach 1,425,775,850 people, matching and then surpassing the population of mainland China,” the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs said.

Australia- Opinion: Aged care reforms in Australia – ambitious, but Insufficient to address sector struggles

April 25, 2023

The reforms implemented by the Albanese Labor government, whilst ambitious, will not address the aged care sector’s struggles because staffing mandates cannot be satisfied by the current aged care workforce and providers are not properly funded for the cost to deliver care.

Japan: Safeguarding Japan’s aging society without invading privacy

April 25, 2023

A sensor-based monitoring and alert system, without cameras or wearables, can keep tabs individually on two elders in one household.

Senior Citizens Bill: ‘Who Will Take Care Of Care Partners?

April 24, 2023

Kualalumpur: Care partners caring for parents with dementia, cancer, or gout say the Senior Citizens Bill shouldn’t penalise adult children who send parents to care homes. They want more assistance instead; one had to quit his job in KL to care for his father in Sabah.

The wisdom of octogenarian leaders have rebuilt nations at fragile moments. Only the 82-year-old Benjamin Franklin could lead the needed national consensus at the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and only 87-year-old Konrad Adenauer could rebuild national spirit and global trust for defeated post-war Germany.

Beijing hospital heartbreak raises questions on China’s treatment of elderly

April 20, 2023

As investigations begin into a Beijing inferno that killed at least 29 people, a rapidly ageing Chinese society needs to take a long hard look at itself

China: Elderly people prefer in-home care: report – April 19, 2023

Elderly people in China prefer in-home care services, with a greater need for household cleaning, meal services and social interaction, a survey on elderly care in 2022 revealed, Beijing Daily reported on Wednesday.

Elderly man feeds and takes care of his sick wife on a train. Only love, says Internet – April 19, 2023

A video that has gone viral on social media shows an elderly man taking care of his sick wife. The video has 8 million views.

Your Guide To The Best Elderly Monitoring Systems For In-Home Safety – April 19, 2023

Over 50 million people at least 65 years old live in the U.S., and more than a quarter of them live alone, according the Administration for Community Living.

Boston: Mass. lawmakers target long-term care improvement with slate of bills – April 19, 2023

A push is underway on Beacon Hill for a slate of elder care bills that seek to improve long-term care, including one that provides a $1,500 tax credit to family caregivers.

National campaign urges people to check up on elderly loved ones – April 18, 2023

Australia: Don’t deny aged care residents their dignity 18, 2023

“There are good reasons why staff might need ready access to a room but surely there are ways around these issues.”

Study: Certain Social Risks May Cause Early Death in Seniors – April 18, 2023

The participants who died prematurely had the following eight social characteristics in common:

Poor neighborhood cleanliness – April 18, 2023

Low perceived control over their financial situation

Meeting with children less than yearly

Not working for a salary

Not being active with children

Not volunteering

Feeling isolated

Being treated with less courtesy or respect

Tips for choosing a care facility for a loved one with Alzheimer’s – April 18, 2023

Conducting research, asking the right questions, and visiting facilities are key

Nurse from Marlborough charged with assaulting elderly patient with dementia – April 18, 2023

WOBURN — A Marlborough man has been charged with assaulting an elderly dementia patient he helped care for while working as a nurse in 2021, authorities said.

Preventing falls in seniors: the surprising role of shoes [PODCAST] April 17, 2023

In this episode, Sheetal Gambhir, a geriatrician, discusses the importance of feet in preventing falls in elderly patients. She shares insights on what to look for in shoes, including surface area, heel height, and sole consistency.

Australia: Nursing homes financial future hinges on charging wealthier residents more for care, providers say

Aging prison population meets a system that’s unprepared for it

April 12, 2023

It is projected that by 2030, one-third of all incarcerated individuals will be older adults.” Aging Behind Prison Walls: Studies in Trauma and Resilience, a book by Tina Maschi and Keith Morgen.,10185

Elderly with emigrant children at risk of isolation’

April 13, 2023

An NGO said on Thursday that there needs to be more community support for elderly people whose children have emigrated from Hong Kong, saying they are vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation.

France – French MPs debate bill on ‘aging well’ as more people live past 85 – April 12, 2023

France’s parliament is debating a bill aimed at adapting society to the growing number of people over 85. But opposition MPs and professionals working with older people say the mini-measures are a far cry from President Emmanuel Macron’s earlier ambitions.

Australia – Aged care in crisis: Privatised system is failing workers, older people – April 12, 2023

Workers in the mostly privatised aged-care system face poor conditions and substandard pay due to bipartisan neoliberalism.

Public Health prepares to celebrate Senior Citizens Month – April 12, 2023

How to protect elderly parents from financial scams April 10, 2023

Scam artists often target older adults, partly because they have amassed greater wealth.

Proving age is no barrier to entrepreneurship, the founders of PacSana are hoping their new wearable will transform the elderly care sector – April 10, 2023

Senior living: Fatigue is common among older adults, with many possible causes – April 10, 2023

How Aging Japan Is Dealing With Elderly Drivers – April 10, 2023

In May last year, Japan made it mandatory for drivers 75 or over with a history of any 11 types traffic offenses — from speeding to running traffic lights —  to retake a driving test when renewing their license.

Health concerns loom aging population in Vietnam – April 10, 2023

With the average number of healthy years for Vietnamese citizens hovering at just 64, health concerns loom large for the aging population, local media reported on Monday.