Pachuvum Athbudha Vilakkum  (Malayalam)

Rajeev Balakrishnan reviews Pachuvum Athbudha Vilakkum  (Malayalam) film for Safe Seniors

Pachuvum Athbuthavilakkum is a heartwarming and wonderful film. .

A fantastic debut film, written, edited and directed by Akhil Sathyan who proves he is a chip of the old block   Sathyan Anthikad had given us several memorable films.  The film is a wonderful journey of self-discovery for a self-centered individual who gets to understand the real meaning of empathy and compassion.

FaFa ( Fahadh Fasil) sails through with an effortless nuanced performance that has shades of humor, romance and happiness that touches a chord deep within. Every character whether it’s Ummachi or Riyas played by Vineet or Hamsadhwani played by Anjana give a wonderful account of themselves. This is a film that one needs to watch with their family and celebrate the underlying message of empathy that the film maker wants us to imbibe.

I am sure this is first of the many wonderful films we are going to watch from this young talented film maker who has the same sense of film making that his father was known and loved for! Congratulations and God bless you with more accolades that are bound to come your way.. for all those who are wondering why I haven’t revealed the storyline, it’s because I want you to go watch this with the audience, laugh, smile, cry and most of all feel happy you have watched a film that makes you feel good.

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