Rajeev Balakrishnan reviews the movie for Safe Seniors. 

Romanchanam was a film that was an unexpected  hit.  Heard some rave reviews but just couldn’t watch it at the theatre for some reason.   Happened to watch it in a private screening at my club.  Starring very few known actors, it started off quite slowly established the bonhomie between roommates who have nothing much to do in life than drink, play volleyball or while away their time.  One of them stumbles upon the power of Ouija board and invites others to join him on this quest of communicating with a spirit.

All hell breaks loose after that when the spirit Anamika refuses to leave the house.  Soubin Shahar and Arjun Asokan ( Second half) are brilliant with their coming timing.  Rest of the debutants are equally good.   The film recants this experience.  A film made on a shoe string budget with a bevy of almost unknown actors ends up being a super duper hit.   

First ten or fifteen minutes seemed like it was going nowhere and post that it takes off like a good ghost novel being read out on a dark night with no one around !  Eerie and funny at the same time, delightful caper where not too many explanations are given for the supernatural experiences but then that’s how life usually is.

In the theatres. 

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