Swivel Seats

Swivel seats helps people to get into and out of a car with ease. It becomes helpful to a certain category of users. Usually elders, persons with ortho issues, back problems, pregnant women, persons with disabilities etc., find it a huge task in getting into a vehicle or alighting from it. Swivel seats address this issue. The seats turn out of the car, for the people to get in and out more easily. More importantly it enables them to enjoy long drives, which they otherwise dread. To put it in simple words – this mobility solution helps senior citizens and differently abled to commute easily.

Turnplus – the product can be fitted to most of the Indian cars. The installation is car ( model specific). Easy to install and un install. It also does not alter the car in any way . The mechanism is installed under the seat of the car but original seat, along with its track and reclining motion remains intact. This mechanism helps the seat rotate 90 degrees so the person can easily access the car seat or disabled person can be easily placed on the seat. Swivel car mechanism can be installed in all types’ cars which support bucket seating.

TurnPlus is patented in India and manufactured in Bangalore by True Assist Tech, a technology solutions company which helps people with disability or issues related to mobility to lead more independent and productive life. The variant is pocket friendly. The company has also come with lifting solutions and ramps that are portable and compact. Tested and patented.

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Ms.Naina Padaki

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