Mrs.Chaterjee Vs. Norway reviewed by Rajeev Balakrishnan

Mrs. Chatterjee Vs. Norway is a film that was worth watching in the theatre.  A true story that has Rani Mukherjee playing a mother who has her two children taken away from her by the State of Norway.  How she fights against the injustice and the triumphs against all odds is heartwarming Kudos to the then Minister Sushma Swaraj and Brinda Karat for ensuring that India stood by Sagarika Chakraborthy ( the mother who fought for her rights –  the role played by Rani Mukherjee) and won the custody of the children back.  Rani has excelled as the mother, while Jim Sarbh as the lawyer pleads her case in Norway and then comes to India as the lawyer representing the State of Norway is remarkable.

The movie is inspired by the real story of Sagarika Chakraborty and her husband, an Indian couple living in Norway whose children were taken away by the Norwegian Child Welfare Services, who had objections against parenting habits that are considered typical in Indian culture.

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