Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones – by Yadav Murti Sankaran is a very interesting book with a very insightful foreword from Historian   Sriram.  

 Written in simple language, Yadav records his personal and professional experiences frankly, that are sure to be a guide to future generations.  Most importantly,  he has given us each a question to ask.   Have we recorded our life ?   Have we celebrated it? An enlightening book (would not call it an autobiography) as it covers all aspects of the journey of his life….  From his schooling at Vidya Mandir, Chennai, Guindy Engineering College and IIT Madras to various interesting aspects of his career, global travel and his life in the Rotary – the book is a very informative and thought insightful read with a takeaway for you to read and find out.    Many of his friends and colleagues have recollected interesting details in their notes which find a place in the book.   He also has an interesting justification for the title for the book .

The book is in hard copy format now and is not available for sale.  Those interested can connect with him on    He is working on the e version of the book.   That can help many of his friends, colleagues and the next gen to benefit.

Read.  Enjoy

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