Plants, my world – Vummudi Mohan

Hi ! Nice to e-meet you and share my hobby in plants especially Bonsai. They say horticultural therapy largely helps people overcome various issues including depression, anxiety, Osteoporosis , loneliness etc., It is true. My interest in gardening and plants has helped me stay cheerful. I trace my hobby or interest in plants to my younger days. Early school days. My mother was my inspiration in a way responsible for my interest in plants. Living in our palatial family home in T.Nagar in Chennai, I initially started trying out growing veggies at home. From the basic coriander seeds, greens, ladies finger. A journey that had no looking back.

As a kid, I would visit nearby nurseries trying to learn more about plants. My favorite nursery those days was the Soundarya Nursery, The Government Horticulture Nursery, Mahera gardens…to name a few. I used to spend hours at these places and strike conversation with the owners and gardeners.

I  used to look out for the annual flower show at the Horticulture government garden.

It used to be conducted very well ,many corporates would take part in the shows, Ponds, Futnanies, Clubwalla, to name a few. This the only time we could to see the best Gardeners in town.. This event would be held annually in the month of  February when people in Madras (now Chennai) would look forward to..

My interest spans across a wide subject in gardening, I got interested in  growing cactus, I learnt a lot while growing cactus. The different types of cactus, the varieties they have was amazing, the beautiful flowers they produce was amazing. They are definitely world apart from the normal plants. Then I tried terranium.  It was experience to understand the art of growing terranium, where the creativity plays a major part . Then to my all-time favourite  BONSAI. The art of growing little trees in a pot. It’s been a while I am growing Bonsai, it’s a challenge to grow these miniature trees.

This art has taught me lot of things in life, This art kept me active during the Covid times
Gardening  has taught me to be composed,active,it’s a big stress buster, it keeps the whole day occupied, and lot more this gardening has taught me. Plants have been my company. They are my friends for all seasons. They understand me and I understand them. I talk to them. They respond. The art is also a therapy. I invest my time and care on my plants as I would do on my children. I take efforts to ensure that they stay healthy and good. I am also a doctor of sorts. Many come to me with their unwell plants and it is a great joy when I revive them ( most of them).

Plants have given me a very different dimension to life. You should try it too.


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