Face is the index of Mind – Andre Agassi and Boris Becker

Story shared by Shri Dhurv Seighal

You may all remember former American tennis player Andre Agassi. I recently came across an interview with Andre Agassi. In it, Agassi tells a great story, sharing it with you.

Germany’s Boris Becker then defeated Agassi in three straight matches. The way Boris Becker served was almost impossible to penetrate. And how to overcome this, Agassi was haunted like anything. He watched several video cassettes of Boris Becker. Seen not only from one but from many different angles. While studying very closely, Agassi noticed a habit of Becker. The Becker stuck out his tongue every time he served. And the funny thing is that each time the direction of the becker ‘s serve and the direction of the tongue were the same! Agassi watched several cassettes over and over again. Each time the becker’s tongue told him what was going on in his mind. Mainly, this was happening without becker ‘s knowledge.

Once Agassi realized this, it was not too difficult for Agassi to break becker ‘s serve; but Agassi deliberately kept on making little mistakes to avoid Boris Becker’s suspicions as he wanted to hide the fact that he knew his opponent’s serve.

After that, Agassi won the next 9 matches in a row.  Boris Becker did not realize until the end how this sudden change had come about. Agassi told Boris about it after Boris Becker finally retired. Hearing that, Boris almost fell out of the chair!

Boris said, every time after losing a match with you, I used to say to my wife that I feel like this man is reading my mind…but I didn’t know how!!

Friends, no matter how big the competition and how strong the competitor, we must face it head on without flinching.  Somewhere there is a way. But to find that way we need to study with passion or maybe obsession until the way is found and should have self-belief that I will win & the victory is yours!!!


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