Karevoyage’s – Senior centric travel plans. Customized and group tours.

At Karevoyage – Travelers are our universe. We like to impact people’s lives and creating experiences that are nostalgic.

The idea of an exclusive holiday offering to seniors was the outcome of personal experience. When we went out on family holidays, we noticed that the needs of the group was more skewed towards the younger lot. Our parents or loved elders almost always found their wishes and aspirations lost. They wanted their space and their pace of travel . These experiences gave us the insights to develop a travel experience. For our loved ones. We started looking at travel and entertainment through their eyes. We became facilitators who helped create a platform for the seniors to express their own selves without restraint and criticism. And this has resulted in many of our travelers repeating travel with us.

We firmly believe that there is much more to a perfect trip than mere sightseeing of beautiful spots and taking photographs.

Holidays are about creating memories, perfect moments and a lifelong nostalgia.

Senior holidays extend well beyond healthcare, support services, medical & religious tourism. Infact much much more. The seniors today are an independent lot and would like to like to live life on their terms.

We spent significant time in understanding and documenting their travel needs. Each travel we did, whether it was group holiday or a customized one, whether domestic or international, gave us insights. And these insights documented became inputs in our constant endeavor to create “experiences”.

We noticed the child in every traveler we had.

While travelling on groups, their bonding, naughty jokes and discussing without the fear of being judged. In the company of likeminded people or peers of same age-group, they were like free birds enjoying happy times together. We’ve helped create mini communities of friends and groups who are now a significant part of their lives. Friendships that help in improved cognitive wellbeing and happiness. Strangers have become extended families with our travel.

Whether it is a cruise along the Mediterranean or visit to Gir Forest, or exploring Pyramids of Egypt, experiencing the glaciers and mountains of New Zealand, be it Kerala customized tours or the Cherry Blossom of Japan, the rich history of Vietnam and Cambodia and Bali, or travel to Maldives. We have it all for our seniors.

We arrange these holidays to address liberty, space and the leisurely pace to experience what they want.  We are around for contingency and support.  When you visit,  you can understand and relate to the experiences of our travelers –  through the testimonials and blogs our site.

What do we focus on ?

  • Creating an impact on people’s lives through these holidays
  • Fostering new friendships while travelling together
  • Planned iteneries that are specific to the group and not a generic one. Executing it well.
  • Team of experienced Tour leaders who understand the group’s needs and address them
  • Understanding diversity and choices within a group and planning accordingly
  • Softer aspects like tastes, habits, acquaintance etc., to strengthen the group cohesiveness
  • Help create personal stories that last a life time
  • Last but not the least keeping our group size small resulting in personal care.

You can always connect with us or write to us and we are happy to help you.   We believe that there is so much more to life post 60.  A new chapter begins and the narration changes drastically.  The senior lifespan is about one third of our overall life expectancy.  So relax , refresh and rejuvenate.    We help you do it.


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