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Sukoon.Love is more than just an online platform; it’s a lifeline for elders in an increasingly digital world. It serves as a comfortable space where elders can forge genuine connections and engage in heartfelt conversations. Here, they can open their hearts and minds to someone who truly listens and cares, without fear of judgment. The listener, also an elder, understands their struggles and aspirations, offering empathy and support in every conversation. In a conversation with Vibha Singal, the founder of Sukoon.Love, we delve into the profound importance of fostering these connections and providing solace to those who need it most.

You are an IIM Ahmadabad graduate with a lot of work experience outside India,  what made you take a plunge into a social enterprise like Sukoon.Love ?

My unwavering belief in the circle of kindness made me launch Sukoon.Love. I believe in the magic of kindness.

The story began with a simple yet profound realization that all of us yearn for meaningful connections, conversations and companionship. While the younger generation has more avenues to keep themselves distracted, it is the Seniors that feel the pinch of fraying human connections more.

Coming from a close knit family where I am extremely close to my grandparents, I am committed to creating a platform where seniors can discover joy and support through meaningful conversations and connections.

Could you shed some light on which seniors you believe would benefit from Sukoon.Love?

Our platform welcomes every senior eager to share their experiences and engage in vibrant conversations. Imagine a retired chef divulging their secret recipes, a seasoned traveler regaling exciting adventures, a homemaker sharing the details of their day, or a family person discussing cherished moments with loved ones. Sukoon is where seniors connect over shared passions and interests, fostering positive connections and uplifting interactions. It’s a place where caring and compassionate conversations flourish, enveloping members in a warm embrace of community and understanding.

Who are Saarthis and how does the user select them?

Saarthi means  “life navigator” in Sanskrit.

At Sukoon.Love, our Sukoon Saarthis are Seniors selected across India for their rich life experiences, inspiring journeys, interesting stories and high empathy levels.

Saarthis are here to spread joy and enrich a user’s life through compassionate listening and guidance. Rest assured, our Saarthis are meticulously chosen and screened for a safe and fulfilling conversation experience.

A user can choose any Saarthi based on fluency in a language, shared interests and life experiences.

Are the conversations only in English ?

Currently, our Saarthis are proficient in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali Marathi, and several other languages. We recognize the importance of expressing oneself in a language that feels comfortable, as it enhances communication and connection. User’s comfort is our priority.

Are all conversations private and confidential  ?

At Sukoon.Love, trust is key! Your chats with our Sukoon Saarthis are 100% confidential. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like – your privacy is our priority. So relax and chat away in our safe space at Sukoon.Love!

Can you summarize

Sukoon.Love is more than just a platform; it’s a source of joy and connection tailored for seniors by seniors. Our mission is to spread happiness and laughter, fostering a vibrant community filled with warmth and companionship.

At Sukoon.Love, we’re backed by an amazing team of Saarthis – super cool seniors who are here to listen, support, and engage in exciting conversations. They add an extra layer of warmth and understanding to our community, ensuring that every member feels heard and valued.

Join us on a journey of shared stories, heartfelt conversations, and unforgettable moments. Let’s redefine aging gracefully, together, with dignity, companionship, and Sukoon.


Contact:, +91 6362938688


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