Buddy System for Elders in Chennai

Myabode ( brand) has launched buddy system in Chennai for elders. This comes at a time when the service is most needed by elders and their primary care givers. My abode takes care of health care and non-health care needs of the elderly. Providing a safe environment to the elders and peace of mind to their primary care givers.

In a way, they are a proxy to your loved ones in your physical absence. Some of the case studies presented by Myabode are – accompanying the elders for hospital visits, theatre, shopping, or spending time with them at home, weekly review of the medicine intake, ordering and ensuring grocessories online, handling bill payments and other utility payments, being with the elders when home repairs are going on, arranging for home repair agency, doing up the medical records and proactive preparation for any emergencies.

Joe Davis, one of the founders says

“the work gives us great satisfaction, as we are serving the elders helping them meet their needs. We become part of the family”.

Myabode has evolved simple but effective communication system for the whole family where information is shared on a regular basis to the loved ones.

Recently they celebrated the 80th birthday of their client for his primary caregivers who live outside India and live streamed the event. They do facetime connecting elders to their loved ones, specifically where such elders are unwell or technology challenged.

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