The Lunch is On

The Poem is spot on!!



“Lunches with our good old friends

though just once in many days

Where we all eat

just  about everything

and everyone pays…..


The conversation flows brightly ……

 from maid servants to spouse

We love discussing our children

 and airing out  a grouse😇


And politicians are torn to pieces

Some  current events too

And then come health issues 😝😜

After going to the loo


The knees have been replaced and cataracts

Are on the way

Comfort wear has replaced the heels

And palazzos now hold sway


It’s all about physical comfort

and not caring less

Looking your very best

Is no longer a stress


Years of knowing oneself

And realising what is life

Has given way to a radiance

And ending useless strife


Years of being a mother

And the biggest joy of all

We are grandmothers now

Intent on having a ball


Life has come full circle

We have learnt well

from our mistakes

We have the actual gumption now

We have what it really takes


And in the gentle eve of our lives

These lunches are pure fun

Waving good byes happily

Looking forward to the next one!”

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